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About Us

Vetmarket is a leading pharmaceutical distributor and authorized wholesaler of animal health products and veterinary equipment for the livestock and companion animal market in Israel.

The company represents several top animal health corporations who leverage Vetmarket's extensive business services, end-to-end logistic solutions and full regulatory support.

Vetmarket's comprehensive product line includes premium animal nutrition products, medicines, anti-parasites, medical devices, and advanced diagnostic equipment.

The company's facility includes a state-of-the-art GMP & GDP-certified pharmaceutical warehouse and distribution center. Moreover, we are operating a GPP-certified compounding pharmacy, _ Logipharm, in accordance to the latest 132/135 regulations issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Our fully equipped 120-seats auditorium, the "Edna and Zvi Lidorr Study and Instruction Center", hosts veterinarians, retailers and industry experts on a regular basis for conferences, seminars and professional meetings.

Vetmarket is fully committed to improve the lives of animals and provide professional and dedicated service to its clients.

For more information:

Tel: 972-3-9393000
Email: Orders@vetmarket.co.il
Address: Derech HaChoresh 23, Industrial Park Hevel Modiin, P.O.B 960, Shoham, Israel 6085001

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