The KRUUSE Group

JØRGEN KRUUSE A/S has a long history in the veterinary business. The Company started in 1896 and today has its headquarters in Langeskov in the centre of Denmark.  Today, KRUUSE is a global leading supplier of veterinary equipment and we employ more than 250 people in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, U.K., Poland and China

In addition, KRUUSE has subsidiary companies and our own distribution operation to veterinary clinics and pet shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, U.K. and Poland. For the rest of the world, we distribute our products via appointed veterinary distributors

Product range – development - quality

There are a phenomenal 12,000 catalogue numbers housed in our warehouses, ranging from veterinary instruments, consumables, animal hospital equipment for small and large animals to unique pet accessories

The equipment and consumables must be of a high quality and robust enough to work well and efficiently within a busy clinic or hospital. We make every effort to offer first class products, every time

Our well-known brand names KRUUSE, BUSTER, KRUTEX, EQUIVET and BOVIVET ensure products of high quality and functionality satisfy the needs and demands of the veterinary profession

At KRUUSE, we are constantly working on expanding and upgrading our range of products and maintain close contact with veterinary markets worldwide. Our team includes resident veterinary surgeons and product managers, who manage product development, technical sales back-up, education and training programmes

For more than 25 years, KRUUSE has been distributing Hill’s Premium Pet Food from our warehouse to the veterinary clinics and pet shops in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Furthermore, we represent leading manufacturers of cutting-edge technologies for the veterinary markets in Scandinavia, Europe or even worldwide

The company is also aware of the changing attitudes in society and a high priority is being given to products that will reflect the demands on recycling, ecology and a general responsible attitude towards the environment, again without comprising KRUUSE’s high quality standards

World Class Logistical Service

Fast and reliable deliveries are key words today in international business relations. KRUUSE has invested in the latest technology in picking and packing customers’ orders to ensure that deliveries reach our customers in Scandinavia, Europe and all over the world, quickly, correctly and conveniently and meet the different requirements of the various local authorities

International company

Our products are available worldwide to the veterinary profession via a network of nearly 350 selected distributors in 100 countries through whom we secure product knowledge and also ensure that our service standards are being followed

All of our staff members are well trained and have a great knowledge of the veterinary industry and can advise our partners professionally. Our staff members in our Export Division are brought up or have been living in countries abroad and therefore understand the local cultures and life styles. We are fluent in all main foreign languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and more recently Italian

KRUUSE is represented every year at all major international veterinary congresses around the world – either directly with our own stand and personnel, or in co-operation with our local distributors

Our Mission

We provide qualitative veterinary solutions, products and knowledge that help ensure the most effective animal health care

Our Vision

KRUUSE will be the preferred supplier and business partner in the veterinary world

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