חברת IDEXX הינה מובילת שוק עולמית בתחום האבחון ופתרונות מידע טכנולוגיים לבריאות בעלי חיים ומים ואיכות החלב. שיטות הטיפול הרפואי -וטרינרי עוזרות לייעל ,לפתח ולשפר את הפרודוקטיביות של העובדים ואת רווחיות החברה. בנוסף, חברת איידקס היא החברה המובילה בעולם בבדיקות טכנולוגיות בתחום המיקרוביולוגיה.


IDEXX Laboratories was founded by David Shaw

in 1983 with five employees in the Old Port neighborhood of Portland, Maine to respond to a new niche market, the detection of diseases in livestock and poultry animals such as cows, pigs and chickens. Within a few years, the company distinguished itself as a leader in immunoassay kits, including the now industry-renowned SNAP® family of tests that detect diseases in cats, dogs and other animals


By 1991, IDEXX had become a publicly traded company and over the next 25 years grew to become a world leader in veterinary diagnostic instrument development and manufacture; reference laboratory services; and dairy and water testing. Put simply, the company keeps animals healthy, milk and water safe


For instance, when thousands of pets were left homeless in Japan after a devastating tsunami in 2011, IDEXX Laboratories provided testing that ensured the health and safety of cats and dogs throughout the region

After most of the Boston metro area water supply was compromised by a main break in 2010, IDEXX tests were used to determine if public water was safe to drink

And before chicken, pork, beef or even milk are placed on your dinner table, IDEXX tests and health monitoring systems for livestock and poultry may have ensured productivity and safety, and contributed to your peace of mind

In addition to providing diagnostic testing products, IDEXX is committed to helping veterinary practices thrive by supporting change and continuous improvement through advanced information-sharing technology, education and knowledge. This is accomplished through proprietary practice management systems and education channels such as the IDEXX Learning Center. In 2011, IDEXX also introduced, a trusted resource where veterinarians can connect with pet owners seeking to learn more about keeping pets healthy and happy


Today, the company headquarters are located in Westbrook, where it continues to thrive. Since 2002, the employee population in Maine has doubled under the leadership of CEO Jonathan Ayers, with two major expansions involving an investment of $80 million in

local facilities undertaken since 2006. IDEXX’s workforce is now more than 5,000 strong worldwide with one-third of its employees based in southern Maine

And in 2008, the company surpassed the $1 billion revenue mark just 25 years after start-up. In 2011, IDEXX invested $76 million in research and development, most of which occurs at the Westbrook headquarters, resulting in products that are exported to more than 100 countries around the globe. IDEXX’s purpose is to enhance the health and well-being of pets, people and livestock, and the company accomplishes its mission through intelligent innovation that produces a steady stream of new products and services

But IDEXX isn’t just science and engineering. The Maine facilities comprise the company’s global headquarters and primary manufacturing and research and development centers. For that reason, career paths for Maine employees include sales and marketing

manufacturing, information technology, finance, legal, human resources, administration and other specialties


IDEXX employees worldwide are also committed to Guiding Principles that shape how they approach their day-to-day work: achieve and sustain market leadership; exceed the expectations of our customers; impower and reward our employees; innovate with intelligence; cultivate entrepreneurial spirit; and contribute to our communiti

Through the recently launched Global IDEXX Volunteer Efforts (GiVE) program, all full- and part-time IDEXX employees are given two paid work days each year to contribute to their communities. This program has resulted in tens of thousands of volunteer hours to

benefit a myriad of causes, with as many as 25,000 volunteer hours in Maine annually. Additionally, IDEXX contributes financially to a number of organizations in Maine, including United Way, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Gulf of Maine Research

Institute, Maine Center for Creativity, Portland Symphony Orchestra and Maine educational systems such as the Maine Community College Foundation and the University of Maine system


IDEXX takes sustainability seriously through anapproach that aligns with business objectives, ensures social and stakeholder responsibility, and demonstrates environmental stewardship. In 2012, IDEXX was honored with the Governor’s Award for Environmental

Excellence for its accomplishments in making sustainability a key factor in various business decisions the company has made since 2008. The company also began construction in 2012 on Westbrook’s first LEED® certified building, a new administrative facility that will expand its world campus

In keeping with IDEXX’s commitment to fostering employee well-being, the company espouses both mental and physical health through a significant employee health and wellness center slated for opening in 2013; the introduction of a new collaborative workspace design that is being adopted as a best practice by other highly innovative companies; and a focus on serving healthy meals in the multiple on-site cafeterias

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